Lets be real: those jeans don't look too comfy for long haul travel....


Here’s how to get through/sort of survive that hella long haul flight

Published May 9th, 2017

First things first, I’m the realest. Drop these tips and the whole world feels it. I’m no Iggy but seriously I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve powered through that long ass New York to Down Under flight so here are all my top tiparoos for getting through it plus a few I’ve collected from friends and colleagues along the way…


This girl mustn't be travelling long haul in those jeans.
This girl mustn't be travelling long haul in those jeans.

1. Adjust your watch

Now the first thing you’ll want to do is set your watch to the destination time zone and adjust your sleeping pattern as soon as you’re onboard. Basically, pretend you’re already in your destination as soon as you set foot on the plane.

2. Bring a cosy blanket/scarf

A blanket scarf is great because it obviously works double time. It looks stylish in the terminal and is easy to carry but then keeps you super warm on the flight and can be used pulled up over your head to keep the neighbour’s reading light out of your face. Yes, you may look a little funny but who cares when you get a better sleep because of your cosy cocoon.

3. Four words: eye mask and headphones

These are just as important as your passport when it comes to making it through the long haul flight.

4. Lip balm, facial moisturiser and a large bottle of water

Everyone likes to talk about their rose water and facial masks but seriously if I saw someone trying to rock one of those Korean moisturising masks during a flight I’d be freaking out that we had Jason Voorhees aka Friday the 13th dude onboard. Just don’t do it, let your neighbour sleep without having to wake up and see that. Just keep your hydration simple, moisturise, lip balm and drink HEAPS of water.

5. A book or magazine

If you’re someone who doesn’t like to read well then all I can say to you generally is good luck in life. Just kidding…

6. Download the in-flight entertainment app beforehand

If your carrier has one, otherwise buckle up and prepare to catch up on all of the latest movie releases and your favourite tv shows. While most people dread the long haul flights I actually love being able to switch off and get stuck into as many movies as I can. I always manage to somehow pick the most emotional movie up for selection and spend a couple of those hours having a good silent cry. I wouldn’t recommend this, it’s not easy trying to stifle a cry during a movie about kids in love suffering through cancer...Definitely, don’t watch The Fault In Our Stars on a plane like I did #rookieerror

7. Have a glass of wine

If you’re on a flight where you need to go to sleep fairly quickly - now this is going to go against all popular advice - I find that a glass or two of red wine with dinner is enough to make me feel a little sleepy. Now you do you but I find this to be a neat little trick.

8. Wear yourself out

Depending on when my flight is, I usually try to do a big workout beforehand to help me sleep more easily. Usually, my flight to New York from Brisbane would take off around 11am so I would try and go for a big run the evening before so that I wouldn’t feel restless having to sit down for so long on the plane.

9. Take snacks

There’s nothing worse than waking up with a grumbling stomach on a long haul flight and not having any snacks in arms reach. It’s also a good idea to have some gum or chewy lollies to settle the pressure in your ears on takeoff and landing.

10. Headphones

Everyone loves to talk about how great noise cancelling headphones are, and they are good at doing just that but if you’re trying to get some shut-eye then forget it. Bulky headphones are not easy to sleep in so consider this when packing and maybe bring some lighter ones to sleep in if you like to listen to soothing beats on your way to the land of nod.

11. Download an app

There are plenty of apps out there to help you get in sync with your destination time zone and get those much needed zzz’s. One great option is the aptly named StopJetLag.

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