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Here's why you shouldn't wait until you're wrinkly to travel

Published May 19th, 2017

A lot has changed in the last thirty years of travel, bridges that used to exist are no longer more - i.e. the Great Ocean Road’s London Bridge Rock Formation- iconic chewing gum walls have been cleaned -Seattle’s Gum Wall- and romantic bucket list attractions are in the process of being dismantled - yes, the Love Locks on Pont Des Arts in Paris is set to be axed.

So in the interest of getting you on your merry way to seeing this awesome planet as soon as possible, here’s a quick and highly convincing (we hope) list of the 6 reasons why you should travel now instead of later….Oh we can also help you in getting out of here sooner with our nifty Book Now, Pay Later LayBy….yeah you can literally layby your holiday.

1.The world is changing as we speak

Like we mentioned earlier, sh!t is changing constantly. Now this is a bit morbid but other things that are on the way out include; the Great Barrier Reef, which is perishing under the weight of coral bleaching; The Dead Sea, which has shrunk by a third over the last 40 years and could be gone in the next 50 years according to experts; and sadly Glacier National Park in Montana, USA, which was once home to 150 glaciers now has less than 25 which could all disappear completely in the next 13 years.

Now if that’s not reason enough to get out there and see the world, we don’t know what is?

2.You’re much more adaptable in your youth

Backpacking for one is a lot easier when you’re younger both physically and in the fact that most other backpackers are young and looking for the same sorts of exciting experiences making it easier to find new travel buddies.

3.It’s less expensive

Because you’re more flexible this makes it easier to forego the luxuries of your usual expensive bottles of champagne and caviar had at home, and rough it for a couple of weeks or months on cheap nasi goreng, cheaper hostel stays and super duper cheap happy hours.

As people get older, they get a little more stuck in their ways and expect a little more luxury than your typical student/youth is willing to put up with.

4.No dependables or mortgages to hold you back

Guess what, you can leave tomorrow for 6 months and nobody is going to starve (unless you have a cat but they’re pretty self-reliant really) and you’re not going to lose your house (cause you don’t own one, and maybe never will in this current housing market...soz).

But seriously, if you quit your job tomorrow it’s likely that no one is really depending on you that much that they wouldn’t survive, and as you get older, those strings holding you back only get stronger.

5. Exchange rates

If the exchange rate is good for your dream destination now, then go for it. Cause y’all know that is bound to change at some point so while the goings good…

Also if you need a hand with figuring out which exchange rate gives you more bang for your buck, our mates over at Travel Money Oz have this banger of a cost comparison table to help you out. Plus some pretty sweet conversion rates...

6. Travel changes you - for the better

So wouldn’t you want to speed up that personal growth, spiritual awakening and real-life education while you’re young rather than when you’re wrinkly and should know better than to drink the water in Bolivia, buy a wooden fallis (aka peen,willy, winky, pee pee) in Bali, ignore your spidey sense, rent a scooter in Thailand, arrive somewhere late at night without your hostel booked, ask a Canadian if they’re American, think that speaking louder is gonna help the language barrier, or walk through a favela with a handbag.

7. You never know what’s around the corner

It’s a pretty obvious but pretty bloody good reason to make sure you’re really living, you just never know what could happen tomorrow that might prevent you from being able to get out there tomorrow. Live in the now.

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Sam Aldenton

Sam Aldenton is a travel writer, digital content creator (read: takes photos/videos with her iphone and sometimes a real camera) and former retail and youth trend forecaster. When she's not off discovering the world’s best pizza (an obsession picked up from her 4-years in New York), she makes her home in Brisbane, Australia. Follow her on Twitter or Instagram at @samaaldenton.