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Press play on five POV videos that'll give you itchy feet instantly

Published May 5th, 2017

Itchy Feet. The chronic condition suffered by many a wandering traveller.

Just when you’ve developed some roots, got an apartment and found a good job, that’s when it strikes. The affliction renders the subject incapable of talking, dreaming, singing or waxing poetic about anything other than their next adventure to anyone who will listen.

If you don’t know what we’re talking about here, press play on these five epic point-of-view style travel videos and have this link ready to apply your next adventure as soon as the itch starts.

1. By way of a ridiculous camera headgear set up, Youtuber JacksGap takes us on a journey through 24 hours in Tokyo….

2. Alexander Tikhomirov sums up everything that’s magical about travel and Bali in this whirlwind POV video, whether it’s scootering around, hanging off a cliff, surfing or making friends with the local doggos….

3. Shark biologist and free diver Ocean Ramsey takes us with her to the Philippines in this video and makes us realise just how beautiful and infinite the ocean is, filled with incredible creatures like the whale shark which you can only see in a couple places around the world….

4. Ollie Ritchie takes us on a discovery of the experiences had while travelling, whether that’s commuting or walking through grand art galleries, that make travel and London such a poetic adventure…

5. Well known Instagramer and Youtube influencer Jay Alvarrez shows off the high impact adventure style of travel that really gets you amped up for exploration….and jumping out of airplanes in tropical locations….

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Sam Aldenton

Sam Aldenton is a travel writer, digital content creator (read: takes photos/videos with her iphone and sometimes a real camera) and former retail and youth trend forecaster. When she's not off discovering the world’s best pizza (an obsession picked up from her 4-years in New York), she makes her home in Brisbane, Australia. Follow her on Twitter or Instagram at @samaaldenton.