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How to know which Los Angeles neighbourhood suits your personality

Published July 11th, 2018

If you wanna make the move stateside but don’t want to totally leave Oz behind, then Los Angeles is your answer.

Whether it’s your first time in the city and you’re looking for the best places to stay in Los Angeles or maybe you’ve been once or twice before and now you want to take a deeper dive into the intricacies and quirks of each neighbourhood...or perhaps even you’re looking at having a shot at becoming a real Angelino yourself?

Either way, you’ll want to make like Goldilocks and know a little about each different neighbourhood, and perhaps try a bit of each before settling on just the right one. So the question remains, what are the best areas to stay in Los Angeles and which will fit you just right?

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Best Places to stay in Los Angeles:

Silver Lake/Echo Park

Williamsburg/New York transplants looking to reconnect with nature arrive in Silver Lake and its grittier sister Echo Park. Think authentic Mexican mixed with record stores and speakeasies. About as hipster as LA gets.


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West Hollywood

Another great neighbourhood filled with interesting characters that make for fun people watching especially along Sunset Boulevard. The area is also known for having a large gay community with one of the most well-known Gay Pride parades in the US. Also home to the infamous Chateau Marmont hotel, a glorious celebrity cesspit for those not in the know.


Home to UCLA so there are plenty of college kids running around this part of town. Located just off the 405 it’s easy to get here plus bonus points for cute coastal town vibes.

Beverly Hills

Hidden behind big hedges and even bigger gates are the fancy af homes of the uber rich and the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. If you land a pad around here you’ll also be close to some of the most expensive shopping in the world along Rodeo Drive. Lucky you.

Bel Air

And you thought everything in Texas was bigger, wait until you see the houses of Bel Air, oh wait sorry you won’t because like Beverly Hills they’re all behind big gates and massive hedges. This is what Frank Sinatra was actually talking about when he sang: ‘If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere’.

Santa Monica

Head to Santa Monica for that SoCal lifestyle, piecing together both the beach and SoTrendy city life rolled into one. If you’re wanting to avoid the tourists in your new hood then avoid Third Street Promenade and the Pier, heading straight for the cute boutiques along Main Street.

Venice Beach

Those looking for the surfer lifestyle with maximum quirkiness and a daily soy latte. Take in the kooky each day along the Ocean Front Walk or just stick to the cute cafes and shopping spots along Abbot Kinney.


If you want the LA lifestyle but without the hustle and bustle, take a trip 10-minutes north of Downtown and visit the quaint Old Town Pasadena, full of upscale boutiques and cafes. It’s also host to the Rose Bowl Stadium which if you’re partial to flea markets, hosts the biggest and best one in LA, the Rose Bowl Flea.

The Arts District

Full of old warehouses and rundown factories that have since been converted into lofts, The Arts District is the perfect mix of cool urban living and plenty of chill bars surrounded by a still thriving local art community. There are heaps of galleries to explore and colourful graffiti by well-known artists throughout the area.


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This neighbourhood is for anyone who ever lived in New York or can’t choose between NYC and LA. Koreatown is filled with cool dive bars, speakeasies, Korean fusion and BBQ. An eclectic bunch live here where there’s always something new to see and do.


The name that sparks a thousand images. Home to many big film studios and the famous Hollywood Boulevard, this neighbourhood is the seventh-densest neighbourhood in LA. So choose wisely if thinking of staying here a while.


Home to more celebs than you can poke a stick at. Miranda Kerr calls the beachside town of Malibu home alongside her besties Leonardo DiCaprio, Ellen DeGeneres and Jennifer Aniston (n.b. we don’t actually know that they’re BFFs but aren’t all celebs fwends?) Miley Cyrus even wrote a song about it recently so it must be pretty good right?


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