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From Manhattan to Miami- How to spend 10 days in the USA

Published August 29th, 2017

Where should your next USA adventure take you? How about 10 days winding your way from the bright lights of New York City down to the nightlife of Miami’s South Beach?

Here’s how to tackle 10 days on the east coast of the states starting in the city that never sleeps before heading to the land of Mickey Mouse and making your way to the party city of Miami with some island hopping thrown in along the southern tip of Florida.

Let the adventure begin…

Day 1 - New York City

New York, New York. Start your journey in one of the most action packed cities in the world whether it’s the buzz of Broadway or shopping in Soho that you’re after, this city has it all and is better shared with friends! 


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Day 2 - New York City

From Wall Street at the bottom of Manhattan to soaring heights overlooking the city and everything else in between - your mission today is to see what makes New York tick. First up: satisfy your hunger with a Manhattan food tour. Next: the One World Tower for dazzling views across the concrete jungle of skyscrapers. How you spend the rest of the day is up to you. With an included 7-day NY Metro pass, ride the subway and see where the day takes you.


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Day 3 - New York City

Today, it's all you Jump on a bike for an optional tour through Central Park or go celeb-spotting on an NYC TV & Film Tour. The rest of the day is yours - think galleries, museums, epic bridges and the Statue of Liberty are calling to be explored. Day 4 - New York City to Orlando Are you ready to jet off? Pack yo' bags and get ready to visit the home of Mickey and friends in the one-and-only Orlando. Day 5 - Orlando Forget about that thing they call 'adulting' and spend the day with the characters you loved as a kid at Walt Disney World or for the thrill seeking option make sure you check out Universal Studios. The choice yours.

Day 6 - Orlando

Are you ready for round two at the happiest place on earth? Or, if you need a break from adrenaline-fuelled rides and popcorn, take a walk and check out the buzzing art scene of Orlando.


Tower of Terror

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Day 7 - Orlando to Miami

Before you can say "I'm in Miami," we've got a jam-packed day to keep you on your toes with a Miami city tour, an Everglades airboat experience and to round off the day we feast on a tasty Cuban dinner. To make your first night in Miami last forever, make like a local with an optional nightlife tour and see what the notorious nightlife is all about. Day 8 - Miami With a free day to explore downtown Miami, the iconic waterfront area, Little Havana and more, you won't be short of things to eat, see and do in Miami.


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Day 9 - Miami to the Florida Keys

Flawless beaches, snorkelling and scuba diving - we must be in the Florida Keys. This famous chain of islands along the southern tip of Florida is yours to explore.


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Day 10 - Florida Keys

Step away from the land with an optional all day sailing adventure in paradise. Think: snorkelling + jet skiing + parasailing + food + drinks. Best. Day. Ever. Day 11 - The Florida Keys to Miami Wrap it up after breakfast as you travel back to Miami where the rest of your journey is up to you whether you stay on and party it up at Miami’s famous South Beach or pick your next US destination!


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