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10 of the best day activities to do while sailing the Greek Islands

Published September 11th, 2017

Experience the famous Greek Islands parties by night and spend your days exploring and sailing between all of the islands - Athens, Mykonos, Paros, Crete, Nafplio, Spetses, Poros, Aegina and Santorini - here we come!


1. Red sand beach - Santorini

There’s a super short hike (about 15-20mins) to get to this beach which features red sandy cliffs and it is well worth it. Head there early in the morning before peak time to have the beach to yourself!


We'll only climb rocks if they are pastel

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2.Hike Samaria Gorge - Crete

If you thought hiking the islands would be all ocean views and villages teetering on cliff tops, Samaria Gorge will come as a surprise being the longest and most beautiful gorge in Europe. The hike is a one way deal, starting at 1230 metres above sea level south of Omalos, ending in the coastal village of Agia Roumeli. The only way back is a quaint boat ride.


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3.Wine tasting - Santorini

Take your pick of winery tours as there are several beautiful vineyards on the island of Santorini to discover.

4.Village tour - Oia

Perfect for learning about the history of those blue-domed churches and finishing with that famous Oia sunset.


we are utterly & completely in love with this place.

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5.ATVing to get around

Not only is getting around the smaller islands on an ATV super fun, it’s also one of the easiest ways to navigate the islands.

6.Cliff jumping at Sarakiniko Beach - Milos

Crystal clear water paired with stunning white cliffs that make for some killer jumping shots to go on insta.


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7.Black sand beach at Perivolos - Santorini

This beach has beautiful black volcanic sand but just remember your thongs cause it can get hot on your tootsies.


The black sands of Perivolos Beach... #santorini #perivolos #perissa #kimmalsingreece #blackbeach

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8.Little Venice windmills - Mykonos

Have a cocktail in front of the windmills of Little Venice in Mykonos.


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9.Olive oil distillery tour - Crete

In Chania, Crete, see where extra virgin olive oil is produced and make sure you come a little hungry for all the samples.


Olive Oil Farm with my #dandtgetgreek

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10.Snorkelling and stand-up paddle boarding

Most sailing boats will provide you with free to use snorkels, goggles and stand-up paddle boards.

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