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All the photos to serve up while on an epic European Summer vacay

Published September 6th, 2017

So you’ve finally made it to Europe, and now it’s time for you to revel in the glory of being the person with a killer Insta story posting all of the super hot European summer shots and pans of sailing along crystal blue water that everyone is jealous of but secretly won’t stop scrolling or tapping through…

And here’s a little guide to make sure you squeeze every last iconic image out of your sizzling holiday under the Tuscan/Croatian/Italian/[insert low key epic Euro destination] sun!



Cheers to Euro Summers

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If you're #instafamous and haven't taken a bikini photo on a boat in Positano, are you even #instafamous?


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If this Insta from the Balearic Islands doesn't make you want to drop everything and run to the airport, you might be beyond help.


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Seriously, imagine floating around the canals of Amsterdam with a bottle of wine on a sunny day, experiencing a glorious Dutch summer.

Sounds terrible right.


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If only all ceilings looked this good?

Paris’ colossal buildings are filled with elaborate architecture both inside and out. The dome ceiling of Paris department store Galeries Lafayette’s 9th arrondissement store is a work of art nouveau mastery in itself not to mention the panoramic views of the city.

Witnessing the clear blue water of Croatia’s National Park Plitvice Lakes from a wooden paddle boat

Now that's living.


Posing in front of a beach resort sunset in Ibiza before the real party gets started


▪️You can't take Melbourne out of the girl ▪️#blackonblack

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Corona in hand: check, Ibiza’s Es Verde island in the background: check

Holiday snap = successfully made everyone back home jealous


Magic #gipsy #ibiza #aquí

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Making a call in THAT telephone booth in front of Big Ben



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Looking pretty in front of a pretty door in pretty little Paris

So Frenchy, So Chic.

Attempt to get that Leaning Tower of Pisa back upright

You may not be able to get it straight again, but you might as well be the 1,000,000,000th person to try….and get the photo to prove it.


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Like an IRL Aperol Spritz, Italy's Positano beach is full of bubbling energy

Its bright orange beach chairs and umbrellas give it an irresistible pop of colour perfect for those Insta snaps.


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