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How many avo toasts does it take to travel through Paris

Published September 8th, 2017

Since we all know the real reason Millennials and ‘young people’ aren’t able to afford a home in the current economic climate is because we’re eating too much, "... smashed avocado with crumbled feta on five-grain toasted bread at $22 a pop."

So we figured why not find some more (and slightly less costly) ways to spend your avo on toast monies, specifically how far your daily avo on toast will get you in Paris. However, we’ve decided to adjust slightly the $22 price tag placed on avo on toast by The Australian and have gone with a more realistic $15 ‘a pop’ avo on toast.


All the things to spend your avo on toast monies on in Paris:

1. Devour a box of Ladurée macaroons = 1.7 avos on toast (AUD$25.50)

First opened in 1862 by miller and baker Louis Ernest Ladurée, the fluffy macarons packed in pastel-green boxes and wrapped in pink ribbons have come to be known as a luxurious sweet treat.


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2.Marvel at art nouveau architecture = 0 avos on toast (FREE)

Inside the Galleries Lafayette 9th Arrondissement store. Picking up a fancy souvenir here might set you back an avo on toast...or twenty tho.


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3.A glass of red sitting outside a restaurant = 0.6 avos on toast (AUD$9)

Make like the Parisians and watch the world go by on a wicker chair with a glass of red in hand.

4.Go inside Le Louvre Museum = 1.5 avos on toast or Free (AUD$22.30)

Visitors under 18-years are always free and under-26s are free on Fridays after 6pm. Tip: Research the works or wings you absolutely want to visit and aim to spend quality time there and the other thing is that the museum is closed on a Tuesday.


i think i learned more one week in europe than one week in college

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5.See Monet’s famous Nymphéas (water lily) murals = ½ an avo on toast or Free (AUD$9.70 concession)

Located in the Musée de l'Orangerie at the far end of the Tuileries Gardens. Visitors under 18-years are free.

6. 10 Rids on the Metro card = 1.4 avos on toast (AUD$21.65)

From any given spot in Paris, you're never more than 500 yards from the nearest station; it's cheaper than a cab and often faster, too. Just remember - the Métro closes at 2 a.m. on Friday and Saturday nights and 1 a.m. the rest of the week.

7.A beer on the Canal Saint-Martin = 0.4 avo on toast (AUD$6)

Where the Left Bank may have been the place to go for philosophers Sartre and de Beauvoir, nowadays the bohemian or ‘hipster’ place to go is Canal St. Martin - specifically the trendy Paname Brewing Company.

8.Experience the best view in the city = 1.2 avos on toast (AUD$18)

Forget the top of the Eiffel Tower (the view from the ground is what you’re really after there) and head straight to the top of the Arc de Triomphe (after you climb the winding 284 stairs).


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9. Sip decadent hot chocolate at the famous Angelina = 0.8 avos on toast(AUD$12.25)

For more than a century the tearoom has built a reputation as a place of sophistication where upon opening in 1903 it became the place to be among the Parisian aristocracy. You too could sit and drink the signature ‘L’Africain’ hot chocolate where the likes of Proust and Coco Chanel have dined before.


Chilllll day

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10. Take home a piece of history = 2 avos on toast (AUD$30)

In the form of a Cire Trudon candle. Founded in 1643, Cire Trudon is the oldest wax-producing factory worldwide. It was the provider of the royal court of Louis XIV, as well as most of the great churches of France including being the wax manufacturer of the Versailles castle until the end of the monarchy. You can even purchase the exact same dripless and smokeless ‘taper’ candles used in Versailles.


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