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In Conversation with: Zoe Reinitz on what to expect from Ultra Croatia

Published October 3rd, 2017

If there’s a girl who knows what the ingredients are for a party that is straight fire it’s Zoe Reinitz of Student Flights North Lakes.

She recently ticked off the Ultra Croatia music festival from her travel and festival bucket list while also sailing along the coast of Croatia with Busabout’s Ultra Sail Croatia tour!


How did you arrive at SF and how long have you been with us?

I've worked in travel for over 5 years now, I moved to Student Flights just over a year ago. I love adventure when travelling and most of my trips involve some sort of music festival. I love talking to people that travel the same way as me and Student Flights give me the opportunity to do this every day.


Tell us about your recent Ultra Croatia Festival trip with Busabout?

Imaging waking up on a boat out in the ocean, jumping into the water with lunch being prepared and then waiting for you once you decide to pull yourself from the crystal clear water. Coming back to Split in the afternoon and getting ready to go to see all your favourite DJ's play. Wake up and then do it all again!



ULTRA CROATIA 2017 - now ticked of my bucket list. What amazing adventure will be next

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What was your favourite city in Europe on your trip and why?

I fell in love with the Amalfi Coast in Italy, mostly because of the incredibly unique view you have when standing on the cliff and looking out to see all the beautiful rainbow coloured houses below. Everyone has to go here at least once in their lifetime.


What sort of activities did you get to do and how was it travelling for one of Europe's biggest music festivals!?

Ultra festival is something every EDM music lover needs to do. The atmosphere of the whole festival will give you goosebumps. Not only was the feeling of that festival indescribable but I was lucky enough to also attend Ultra Festival in Miami just a few months before. I’d highly recommend anyone who loves a high impact and over-the-top festival add both of these amazing events on to their festival bucket list.


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What's one of your favourite travel memories from this trip?

While sailing through Croatia and visiting different cities and nightclubs every day, one party destination and experience stood out as the highlight. We visited Zrce Beach where the party never seems to stop, day or night and we were lucky enough to have exclusive entry and a VIP rate for the super popular open-air Papaya Beach Club. It was simply next level as far as beach parties go.



Rome at the Trevi Fountain

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Did you go on the trip with anyone you already knew or did you get to make some new friends?

I was lucky enough to have my best friend come with me. Luckily she trusts me when planning our holidays and knows we are always going to have the best time. I did meet some amazing people on our sail Croatia trip too, as well as running into people who had been in our store booking their Europe trip with me!


What was the best thing you ate and did you find any cool souvenirs?

Fortunately, all throughout Europe there is cheap Gelato everywhere!  It’s so hard to resist gelato, but fresh gelato in Italy has no calories, right? I also came back with a bottle of limoncello from Sorrento. You can't go to Southern Italy without trying some.



When you meet your hero of Busabouts brochure. Tony and his limoncello shop

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Finally, what do you think are some of the biggest benefits of booking with SF?

We love helping people travel around the world, to experience the same feeling we have every time we step off a plane. Whether it's your first holiday or your 100th, you will not meet people who are more passionate about what they do than us! Not to mention we also have access to exclusive tours and deals you can't get anywhere else.


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