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How many avo toasts does it take to travel around Croatia?

Published November 6th, 2017

Since we all know the real reason Millennials and ‘young people’ can’t afford a home in the current economic climate is that we’re eating too much, "... smashed avocado with crumbled feta on five-grain toasted bread at $22 a pop."

So when you take your daily avo on toast monies over to Croatia and its pumping party islands, what exactly will that kind of coin get you?

From legendary music festivals to Game of Thrones scenery and the boho-chic eateries in between, Croatia packs a punch.  So we've collected a few of the hottest must-do activities we think are worthy of your avo on toast moolah...

Note: we decided to adjust the slightly redic $22 price tag placed on avo on toast by The Australian and have gone with a more realistic $15 ‘a pop’ avo on toast.

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1. A cocktail at Carpe Diem  = 1 avo on toast (AUD$15)

A cocktail amongst the electro-cool sounds of Hvar's OG beach-bar is an absolute must do on any itinerary.  It might be a bit pricey for Croatian standards, due to the reputation it attracts through its VIP zone and celeb spotting.  Tip: drinks are best enjoyed as that sun is sinking. 



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2. 9 days of sun, fun and debauchery aka a Busabout Ultra Europe + Sail Croatia trip = 133 avos on toast (AUD$1999)

Two of Croatia's ultimate activities; Ultra Europe music festival and Sail Croatia, packaged up to give you the best of both experiences.  9 packed days spent sailing crystal clear waters, dancing on eclectic islands, sampling local cuisine, inclusive of expert guides, breakfasts, lunches and more... sign us up already?!



3. Hvar pub crawl - a night involving shots, a booze cruise and VIP  club entries = 2 avos on toast (AUD$30)

kicking off with a booze cruise, VIP entries into Hvar's hottest clubs, mates, shots, shots, shots... need we say more?

4. Climb Mouth Srd, looming behind Croatia's most photographed city, Dubrovnik = 0 avos on toast (FREEEEEE!)

Hike for a like with this 90-minute thigh-burning walk, your insta profile will benefit and so will your butt!

5. A local brew at a pub in Split = 0.26 avos on toast (AUD$4)

Nothing like cooling down after a long hot day spent taking in the sites of Split, over a frothy with the boys.

6. An intense zip lining sesh above the Cetina river = 5.3 avos on toast (AUD$80)

Reaching speeds of up to 65 km/hr, this one will have you hustling down a steel wire 150 metres above the river canyons.  A view like that's got to be worth a few avos on toast.



7. Wander UNESCO-listed walls throughout Dubrovnik's old town = 0 avos on toast (zip, zil, zilch!)

Lose yourself in backstreets and alleyways, from the Pila Gate through the Placa Stadun (central street) and all the photo stops in between.

8. Sink your teeth into local cuisines, like Crni Rizot (black risotto) = 0.4 avos on toast (AUD$6)

Do as the locals do and broaden your horizons with a unique meal like the typical Croatian risotto, one of their tastiest local dishes made with squid ink.  But be warned: your teeth and lips will blacken as you bite... selfie moment?

9. Window shop through Zagreb's boutique fashion scene = 0 avos on toast  (FREE Y’ALL!)

The city has a thriving fashion scene you won't find anywhere else in the country.  Since your backpack is already overflowing and you simply don't have room for anything more, it's a great way to get those legs moving without spending a cent!



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