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Tips for sailing Croatia for the first time

Published November 14th, 2017

We’ve rounded up the people with all the answers when it comes to navigating the crystal clear waters of Croatia. They know what to pack, which type of boat to choose, how much to tip, what not to bring and generally how to have the best time.

We sat down with Dane Dunne,  Co-Founder at Entourage Tours, Annelise Moult from Busabout and Student Flight’s Eloise Gillespie who recently did a Croatia sailing trip herself, to get the lowdown and their expert tips...

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What should you pack? Are there days when you need to wear specific colours or costumes?

Dane: Pack for mainly warm days and balmy nights. Think light linen shirts, light walking shorts and a few pairs of boardshorts/bikinis. Girls forget the heels, you won't need them. (flats all the way!) To focus on a few particular colours I would recommend white, navy and turquoise. Also black, you can never go wrong with black when travelling. Remember you would prefer to be overdressed than not.


Annelise: The infamous Pirate Party on our Busabout Croatia Island Hopping trips is the perfect excuse to get all dressed up with stripes and swords. It’s also essential to pack your swimsuit and water-proof camera for all those epic swim stops and sunscreen for those lazy days sunbathing on the deck of the boat.


Eloise: Definitely bring a floaty pool toy that you can lie on because they’re so expensive on the islands and if you rock up with one and are able to jump straight into the water everyone will definitely be a) super jealous and b) your new BFF haha.

Sunscreen is crazy expensive so make sure you bring that and of course approximately 2,500,000 bikinis. With all the partying you’re doing maybe pack some berocca, panadol and multivitamins.

If someone is worried they might get seasick but aren’t sure what advice would you give?

Dane: If you are prone to seasickness I would highly recommend a catamaran. If the wind picks up slightly a cat could save your stomach! Also the obvious, sea sickness tablets and the sea sickness bracelet.


Annelise: Getting seasick is never fun so we recommend that passengers who are worried should book an on deck cabin accommodation style to give them more airflow and sea breeze. Sea sickness tablets are always handy to take before sailing as a precaution as well, even if it’s just for peace of mind!


Eloise: I didn’t really notice the boat moving except when I fell asleep with the porthole open and my laptop on my lap to wake up and find that the boat had left the dock and I was covered in a wave that came through the hole- thank god I had travel insurance!

How much is a good amount to tip your skipper/hostess at the end?

Dane: If you feel they did a good job we always recommend a 2000 kuna (250 euro / $400 AUD) each for skipper and hostess. Yes, the job they have is awesome but keep in mind most of them do this as a summer job and still need to survive. Their wages aren’t too high either, so the tips they receive are important. Plus they really do look after you all for the entire week.


Annelise: Tipping isn’t necessary on our Busabout Croatia Island Hoppers but if your guide was awesome, a small tip is always appreciated.


Eloise: Yeah we had a tour guide and a host/waiter. You have a bar tab and you basically round up your bar tab to whatever you want to tip. Our trip leader gave us guidance on how much, I think it was about 10 percent but I can’t remember for sure.


What are the main differences between a yacht and catamaran, is one better than the other?

Dane: Well most people I know prefer catamarans, though it doesn’t necessarily mean they are better. Many skippers love monohulls for specific reasons. When it comes to agility and speed, the yachts leave the cats for dead. But for room and partying the cats are better in my opinion. Also, you can’t beat laying on the net when a little hung over.

Any other tips?

Eloise: Book and go - it was one of the best weeks so f my life. I never considered Croatia as a destination until we were booking our European summer and I would recommend it to absolutely anyone who would listen! You live on a boat with like-minded people for a week going to the best parties and having the time of your life!

I was so surprised by how beautiful it all was. It was one of the best travel experiences I’ve had, especially parasailing in Makarska.There are these huge imposing mountains, terracotta roofs, yachts spotted all along the water - like something out a movie. 

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