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2017 Year in Review: outback pubs, travelling light and weird things found in Tokyo

Published December 30th, 2017

From the best pubs of the Outback to the top trips to take around the world as a girl chasing adventure, 2017 was a year of the weird (things you have to see to believe in Tokyo) and the wonderful in travel. 

Here are our top stories from the year that was, perfect to get you inspired for a new year of travel in 2018….

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Australia’s 12 best Outback Pubs

How good is Aus? This great wide, ever-changing land of ours, it's got us all itchy feet to hit the road outback for an adventure. To do that of course, we'll need to know the best spots to stop for a cold one. From the quintessential to the quirky, here are a few for a pit stop and an old-fashioned pub meal.


How to travel for two weeks with only 7kg carry on luggage...

If you can make do with less, the rewards can be huge! From not having to waste time at bag drops to skipping the mind-numbing baggage claim process at the airport. The other big win; never having the worry of losing your baggage ever again!


11 Weird things you have to see to believe in Tokyo

Yep, Japan can be preeeeetty weird. There are restaurants where you order through an ATM machine, Harajuku girls, robot restaurants, cat cafes, karaoke devoted high rise buildings, sumo wrestling, hectic fish markets and of course Shibuya’s famous zebra crossing!


23 Travel hacks for when you're broke af

Just because your bank account is giving you a firm side-to-side head shake, that’s no reason to back down from your next adventure. Think of it as more of a challenge to get creative and see how far you can go for minimal dollar dollar bills y’all.


Air Asia hostie takes onboard flight instructions to a whole new level…

One of Air Asia’s fabulous flight attendants Assraf Nasir, went viral this year when he starred in one of the most extra Britney Spears lip syncing videos of all time, to the classic, ‘Toxic’.


5 of the world’s most gay-friendly cities

Toronto, Sao Paulo, Brighton, Mykonos, Sydney, London, San Francisco and beyond – the list of the world’s most gay-friendly cities extends beyond these well-loved liberal ports. Here are some of the world’s must-see gay-friendly cities with much to offer the LGBTI traveller…


There’s now a holiday that lets you break up with your gf/bf and leave them there

This was a funny one...

The Ultimate Europe Adventure In 20 days

When you’re looking for a well-proportioned taste of Europe, don’t go past a solid 20-day adventure. It doesn’t quite stretch to a full month but is longer than just two weeks making it the perfect amount of time to take a big bite out of Europe while leaving some $$$s left in the bank to cover rent when you get home.


How to get clothes made in Vietnam that you'll actually wear

Maybe you need a dress for THAT party, a replacement for a much-loved pair of jeans or a rip off of a dress you’ve been eyeing off at Zimmermann. Hoi An has got you in the tailor-made clothing department. All tailors are not equally awesome, so read on to discover how to get clothes made in Vietnam.


9 Adventures to have if you’re a girl who’d rather catch flights than feelings

This is also for anyone who has ever wondered if they could go out and explore the world on their own, and here is my message to you, it only takes a single plane ticket to try.