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How Many Avo Toasts Does it Take to Travel Around Iceland?

Published December 21st, 2017

Nope, we cannot afford to buy homes because we’re addicted to eating avocado on toast. That’s old news. But what’s real, important and actually useful news though, is how many of those deliciously juicy, lemon-drizzled, feta-topped avo toasts it will cost us to travel around Iceland. We might be addicted to breakfast food with flat whites in our beachside Australian cafes, but we also really really really want to go to Iceland, because, well everyone else is already there.

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In the mean time here’s how much it’ll cost you to see the northern lights and have a drink in Reykjavik:

Celebratory landing drink in downtown Reykjavik = 0.9 avos on toast (AUD$13.60)

Look, if you’re used to drinking at waterfront venues in Sydney this price isn’t actually that expensive for a beer, is it?

Take the elevator to the top of the Hallgrimskirkja cathedral = 0.74 avos on toast (AUD$11.10)

The view from the tower of this church is probably the picture of Reykjavik you’ve seen before, with its rows of pastel houses stretching down to the water in the distance. The ticket gets you an elevator ride up the 75 metres to the top and you can stay as long as you please. Probably go at sunset though if you can, and the pastel hues will be even prettier than usual.

A bath in the Blue Lagoon = 6.6 avos on toast (AUD$100)

No trip to Iceland would be complete without the insta photo of you floating in the soapy waters of the Blue Lagoon. For this price you’ll get entrance into the lagoon, a towel, a drink of your choice and a silica mud mask and an algae mask. Make sure you book in advance though because the place is popular as, and you don’t want to miss it.

Cheap option: if you’re pushing it for budget, there are a handful of geothermal pools around the country that you can bathe in for a small fee, or even nothing. They’re not that easy to find but with some decent Googling and asking around at campsites you’ll soon find one, and it might not cost you a cent!


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Snorkelling between the Europe and North American tectonic plates = 11.4 avos on toast (AUD$172)

This has to be one of the coolest things you can do in Iceland, probs the world, actually. The tectonic plates are moving apart at a rate of roughly two centimetres each year. Between them in the Thingvellir National Park, Iceland’s only UNESCO World Heritage Site, ice cold, and crystal clear water runs into Iceland’s largest lake. Wearing dry suits and floating with the current, you can snorkel in the water, seeing where the fissure between the plates reaches up to 40 metres in depth. Pretty damn cool.

Iceland’s endless waterfalls = 0 avos on toast (FREE – except your transport obvs)

Iceland is home to a ridiculous number of ridiculously sized waterfalls. And all of them you can walk straight up to without paying a cent. Even the mist is complimentary.

Zodiac tour on Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon = 7.8 avos on toast (AUD$117)

The Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon is one place you absolutely have to go. A zodiac tour takes you on an hour-long adventure around the lagoon, between massive icebergs that have calved away from the glacier. Keep your eyes peeled, as seals also call this place home.

Traditional lamb goulash on a freezing day = 1.3 avos on toast (AUD$19.50)

Iceland can get bloody cold. And what better to warm you up than a bowl of steaming hot lamb and root veggie soup? This stuff is liquid gold when the wind is howling and icy. You can find it almost everywhere too.

Glacier hike = 8.2 avos on toast (AUD$123.5)

There are myriad options for glacier hikes and ice cave tours from Skaftafell, at the base of Iceland’s largest glacier, Vantajokull. The entry option, which takes you on a 2-2.5 hour hike across the glacier tongue, is totally worth it. You can hike on the glacier year round, however if you visit during winter, from November to March, you can venture inside massive ice caves with designated guides.

A tub of Icelandic Skyr = 0.2 avos on toast (AUD$3)

Skyr is technically a cheese, but it’s really more like a mild tasting greek yogurt. Get yourself as many tubs as you can. It’s maybe the only cheap food item you’ll find here.

Seeing the Northern Lights = 0 avos on toast (FREE FREE FREE!)

Get yourself to a location where the city lights are not too bright and look up. The Icelandic weather bureau has a brilliantly accurate cloud cover map and aurora rating so it’s fairly easy to predict when and where you need to be to see them going off. 

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