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New Zealand’s North Island gets a solid siven chilly bins out of tin

Published December 19th, 2017

Could have been a tin out of tin chilly bins but yeah...nah we don’t want them thinking they’re better than us eh...

Now if there’s a girl who knows the must not miss spots to visit across New Zealand it’s Dayle Laurie from Student Flights Ballarat! She recently hopped over the pond to tick NZ’s North Island off her travel bucket list. After organising several you beaut trips for her clients, Dayle realised she needed to experience this sweet as country for herself! Here are her top tips and road trip highlights...

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What made you want to head over to New Zealand?

New Zealand is super close and has so much to see and do but I hadn't ever really considered visiting  until working at Student Flights and seeing all of the epic stuff you can do there like bungy jumping, jet boating, sky diving hiking the Milford Sound and omgod the food and wine - don’t get me started. After booking customer trips to NZ I was instantly sold by the idea!



windy day in welly

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Could you tell me a little more about your NZ trip? Where did you go (North or South Island) what did you do, how long were you there for?

We didn’t have much time so it was a short and sweet trip to the North Island (this time). My partner and I hired a campervan and did a loop from Auckland to Auckland.

Like most travellers our first 'must do' was Hobbiton! Being there felt as though II was standing in the middle of Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson’s mind. Did you know Peter Jackson didn't think that New Zealand's sheep were to his liking and were ‘too white’, so instead all the sheep in the film were shipped over from the UK, that is just mind-blowing.

Next was Rotorua and Waiotapu which is famous for its geothermal area aka hot springs and mud pools. As amazing as it was, the smell of the pools was enough for us to only stay the night so we moved onto Lake Taupo which if it isn't on your list to visit then it needs to be! The lake itself is just phenomenal and Huka Falls is on another level (literally too) with 200,000 litres of water flowing over the falls every second!


We went jet boating through Huka Falls, which I went into cool, calm and collected and walked out looking like a drowned rat and a newfound appreciation for my partners 'safe' driving. To fill in the small gap before the falls we went to the Prawn Park and fished for some prawns... it's as thrilling as it sounds but, hey I can tick catching a prawn off my bucket list. 

From there we went down to 'Windy' Wellington and that is no exaggeration. From Wellington we made the long drive up to Auckland with a quick nights stop at Okato and admired the view of the snow capped Mt Taranaki and then straight up to Auckland for the day before we flew out. Having lunch on the wharf before wandering through the city briefly then shuffling off to the airport for our flight home.


What was your favourite part of the trip or favourite moment?

Having the freedom to take things at our own pace was amazing. The North isn't known for its adventure activities but the Huka Falls Jet Boat is something I'll never forget and recommend anyone to do! Thrilling and you physically cannot get any closer to Falls than by doing it this way!



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Do you have any insider tips for someone thinking of doing something similar?

If you're thinking of doing a self-drive book your tours and activities in advance, it gives your drive a bit more excitement when you know you have fun things spaced throughout your trip.


How did you arrive at SF and how long have you been with us?

After living overseas for a little over a year and travelling around Europe I couldn't face not having travelling in my life each day nor could I actually afford to not work (like most normal people).

I thought the best of both worlds would be to work as a travel agent and share my travel experience and tips I’ve picked up along the way with others all the while still fuelling my addiction. The Student Flights position opened up just as I arrived back in my hometown of Ballarat and was the perfect fit!


What do you think are some of the biggest benefits of booking with SF?

Having been an avid traveller before working for the company I can honestly say I wish I knew about half of what Student Flights has to offer back then!

Black market airfares are insane and with amazing reputable airlines which you can Layby! Exclusive discounts and expert knowledge to help you find the best deal but also recommend what will suit you best.

All of our staff within Student Flights are well travelled and can give you first-hand knowledge. If I haven't been there then it's almost certain that someone else in our store has!

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