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14 Reasons Travel is Better than a Valentine

Published February 12th, 2018

Tell me, what valentine will give you butterflies every single day for like, ever? If you’ve found one, well done to you. If you haven’t, go travelling. It’ll do a better job, I promise. Book the best deal on the market right here. 

1. It lasts longer than a day

I mean who goes travelling for just a day? Honestly.

2. Lust for a place almost always turns into love

Love at first sight is a thing, and it happens more when travelling than in any other situation. Ok, that may not be proven fact, but we’re pretty sure it’s legit. When you see Paris or Rome for the first time, you’re 99.9% sure to fall in love because they’re such beautiful cities. Then once you start eating croissants or pasta and hearing the romantic accents as you wander the impossibly pretty streets in the warm European sunshine, I mean, it’s certain to become love.

3. You can leave and come back as many times as you please

What lover is really ok with this unless they’re doing the same thing? And no one wants that. Central America will welcome you back with open arms every time. So will Japan, South Africa, Ireland.

4. You’re free to see as many destinations as you want

And there’s zero jealousy. Again, if you’re doing this to your lover, chances are they’re doing it to, which probs isn’t cool. Travelling, you can see all the places in the world, and no one really cares, in fact they encourage it.

5. You won’t want to ruin the good memories once they’re over

After a breakup you might go through that stage of wanting to burn your ex’s belongings, tearing up photos, and telling yourself alternative versions of the amazing times you spent together. When you return home from travelling there’s no chance of this – instead it’s all getting photos printed and hanging them on the wall beside the hand woven throw you picked up in Morocco and the hat you bought in Mongolia. #Memories

6. It’s easy to go into it with zero expectations

Dating brings a hell of a lot of expectations. A valentines date in particular. I mean gee whiz, are they the right roses? Is the restaurant perfect? The outfit? Travelling to a new destinations can, on the flip side, be completely expectation-less! Have you ever changed your plans to jump on a bus to a different destination because you made some new friends who were heading there? Never heard of the place but they reckoned it sounded cool? That’s when the best travel memories are made.

7. For the price of a bunch of roses you can fly to Bali (or Fiji, or Hamilton Island or *insert other romantic/adventurous/amazing destination here*)

Seriously mate. I’m all for flowers, but not on February 14, please. Those things cost hundreds of bucks! That same hundreds of bucks could instead get you a flight (or two) to a destination where you’re guaranteed to have a better time than the joy those prickly roses will ever bring you.

8. When it’s over it’s not really ever over

When a relationship comes to an end it’s usually pretty final. When you get home from travelling though, it’s sad sure, but it’s really all about saving up some more dosh to book that next ticket isn’t it? #goalsetting

9. Google maps and 4G make navigating travel way easier than navigating love

Dating is murky water that, let’s be honest, if it doesn’t end amazingly (with love), it’s absolutely devastating (the breakup). Navigating a new city, however, is much easier. Google maps will have you heading in the right direction in an instant. And if you don’t want to look at your phone screen, making a wrong turn in the charming old quarter of a city might just lead you to a quirky little bar or market you never would have found otherwise.

10. Travel aint never going to hold you back

If you want to change your plans and hit up a new country, the only thing stopping you is you (and maybe your bank balance). There’s no one else to worry about though, is there?

11. Travel is so regrettable... said no one ever

New experiences, new places and new mates; what’s not to love?

12. Independence

Everything you do when travelling is on you. Navigating the bus timetable to get you to the airport, or which train to jump on to your next destination, and whether the cab driver is trying to rip you off by taking you the long route. All of these things teach you that you’ve got this. Dating a spunk with a big bank balance or beautiful face probably won’t.

13. You don’t have to look nice

Or shower for that matter. When travelling it’s totally acceptable to do whatever the hell you please with your personal hygiene and washing your clothes. When you’re going on a date on the other hand, my god, there’s makeup and hair and clothes and shoes you have to think about!

14. You never have to choose between your friends and travel

Or if you do (say choose to book the cheap as chips flights to Japan on your friend’s birthday weekend), they’ll forgive you. They might even come with you.

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Vicki Fletcher

An Australian travel writer and photographer, Vicki loves road trips down unknown tracks, following locals to the best food in town and spending long afternoons people watching in city squares. She's obsessed with colours, stops to admire flowers and dreams of one day restoring a chateau in France. Her top travel tip: always look up. Follow her on Instagram @vickijanefletcher.