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How Many Avo Toasts Does It Take to Travel Around Berlin?

Published February 26th, 2018

The ATI is back. (Avo Toast Index incase you’ve been living under a rock). This time, we’re looking at how many avo toasts it’ll take you to do Berlin right. The German capital is pretty much the cradle of our modern history - with a whole bunch of important buildings, memorials, and of course, that wall. But it's also home to some uber delicious grub, and seriously cool fashion. 

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1.    Learning ALL of the history in a walking tour = 0- 1 avo on toasts

If you’re strapped for cash in Europe, the good thing is, in most cities you’ll find awesome walking tours that are ‘free’. ‘Free’ meaning you pay what you think it’s worth, or, really, what you can afford. Berlin is such a big city with so much history and sights to see that a walking tour is honestly, a must do. You’ll get your bearings, learn about the history, and probably pick up a tip or two on where to eat, drink and delve deeper into the city. Most of these tours leave from near the Brandenburg Gate.


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2.    Rummaging for vintage at Mauerpark flea market = 0 avo on toasts

If you’re in town on a Sunday, Mauerpark (meaning Wall Park), is the place to be. In Berlin Mitte, the park is in an area that was a part of the Cold War-era death strip, or no man’s land between East and West Berlin. Today the huge park hosts a weekly flea market, complete with live entertainment, delicious hangover-curing food stalls and of course seriously covetable vintage goods.


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3.    Pose for an iconic artsy photo at the East Side Gallery = 0 avo on toasts

You can’t go to Berlin and not get an insta shot in front of the two men kissing now can you? The East Side Gallery is a section of the Berlin Wall that’s been kept and turned into a gallery of murals. All it’ll cost you is a train ride to get there or the cost of a beer afterwards.


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4.    Browse famous art on Museum Island = 2 avo on toasts

Museum Island was made a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999, because it is home to not just one but five world-renowned museums. Occupying the northern part of an island in the River Spree, there’s the Pergamon Museum, which covers the Ancient East; the Bode Museum, home to Byzantine Art; Neues Museum (New Museum) which houses cultural history from around the world; the Altes Museum (Old Museum), which houses the antiques collection; and the Alte Nationalgalerie, which has a collection of Neoclassical, Romantic and early Modernist works. For 18 euro - almost $30 AUD - you’ll get yourself a ticket to all five unique museums. Bargain.  


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5.    Take a moment in a solemn place = 0 avo on toasts

The Memorial for the Murdered Jews of Europe (also known as the Holocaust Memorial) is one of Berlin’s most recognisable places. Designed by architect Peter Eisenman, a whole city block, spanning 19,000 square metres has been filled with 2711 concrete slabs of varying heights. It’s an eerie, peaceful, and arresting place that’s definitely worth a few quiet moments.


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6.    See the city from up high at the TV Tower (Fernsehturm) = 1.5 avo on toasts

The top of the TV Tower has the best views in town, obviously. You can get a standard ticket for cheaper, but the fast track one ensures short waiting times to get to the top. The observation deck sits at 203 metres, and you can literally see the whole city from here on a clear day. If you’re feeling fancy, book a window table at Sphere Restaurant (23,50 EUR) for lunch with a twist.


7.    Walk down the middle of a runway at Tempelhof = 0 avo on toasts

Guys, this is one of the coolest things you can do in Berlin. The old Tempelhof airport, which closed in 2008, has been turned into a public park. There’s a 6km cycling and joggin trail, a 2.5 hectare BBQ area, a dog walking field and picnic areas galore. I mean where else in the world can you cycle your push bike down the middle of a runway – in the middle of a major city no less? No where.

8.    Explore everyday life in East Berlin at the DDR Museum = 0.57 avo on toasts

This museum is seriously worth visiting while you’re in town. Interactive exhibits offer an immersive experience of everyday life in the former East Germany. The Berlin Wall, the Stasi, and how people lived until 1989, the museum offers an insight into how the city was before being reunited.


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9.    Stuff your face with a classic Berlin doner kebab = 0.4 avo on toasts

You might not know this already, but Berlin has one of the largest Turkish populations outside of Turkey. And this of course, means seriously bloody good kebabs. Also felafel for our vegetarian mates. Go to Berlin Mitte and see.


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10.   Finish a boozy night on the town with a currywurst = 0.2 avo on toasts

A classic currywurst at Curry36 will cost you a bargain 2,50EUR. This Berlin institution isn’t the most appealing place to the eye, but it’s honestly chock-a-block with locals and tourists alike, so you know it’s the real deal. Perfect for after a long session in a beer hall or in one of Berlin’s peculiar night clubs.

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