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Press play to eat your way through your next holiday

Published May 25th, 2018

I don’t know about you, but I think of two key things when planning a holiday (apart from the obvious flights, accommodation, travel insurance etc):

1. How good will this look on my gram? I want all my followers to stare longingly at my gloriously ‘candid’ pics and be inspired by my wanderlust. It doesn’t matter that I have eaten tuna and crackers for the past 6 months to pay for this – BASK IN MY TRAVEL GLORY, PEOPLE.

2. Is my body physically and emotionally ready for the amount of food I am about to consume? After 6 months of saving, every part of my body is ready to devour whatever culinary delight the destination has to offer.

Whilst we don’t have much in the way of tips to keep your Insta pics worthy of making your year 10 crush slide into your DMs and ask for a date, we do have a fair bit of culinary insight. We have teamed up with Travel Money Oz to not only highlight the must-eats of your destination, but also provide a quick guide on how much you need to budget. 

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Los Angeles

Lights, camera, action – Burgers. As you hop off the plane at LAX ready to chase down the cast of your latest Netflix binge and grab some selfies in front of the Hollywood sign, be sure to grab some of the following.

#1 Literally anything from the plethora of food trucks they have available. Mexican, BBQ, Burgers, Chinese, Indian and anything deep fried.  You name it they have it. Prices range anywhere from $5USD to $30USD depending on what you’re chowing down on. We recommend grabbing a few friends (old or new) and combining your funds to try as much as possible.

#2 Burgers. You’re in America, home of fried food and supersized meals. Regardless of whether you’re rolling up to Maccas for a BIG Mac or having (and Instagraming) your first In-N-Out experience, burgers are a staple food for anyone visiting USA. You can expect to secure a pretty hefty meal for under $10USD. Top tip: Hike up and around Runyon Canyon in between burgers to burn off the calories, get some awesome snaps and see some amazing views.
In LA, and the rest of America, it is customary to tip for most meals and services. 20% is standard for most restaurants, so be sure to account for this when budgeting and have extra cash on hand.



Konnichiwa! Welcome to Japan, land of stunning landscapes, Mario Kart, mind blowing technology and some seriously good food. Be sure to save some Yen for the following culinary delights.

#1 Okonomiyaki – a.k.a a Japanese pancake. The name literally means ‘grilled as you like it’, so top the delicious cabbage base with whatever your heart desires. Priced between $4AUD - $20AUD equivalent, Okonomiyaki will have you filled up with enough energy to roam the streets of Tokyo.

#2  Did you even visit Japan if you didn’t have sashimi? This Japanese delicacy consists of raw fish sliced super thin. If the prospect of raw fish gives you the heebie jeebies, feel free to try out the plethora of sushi options available. Ranging anywhere from the equivalent of $3AUD to $35AUD, there is sashimi for everyone’s taste and budget.

#3 Meet your Matcha in Japan with their delicious green tea ice cream. Despite how full you may be, there is always room for dessert, especially when it is matcha ice cream. Not only is the bright green super gram worthy, but it is also pretty cheap. Calories don’t count on holidays, right?
Major Japanese cities have plenty of ATMs where you can use a prepaid travel money card, like the Travel Money Oz Currency Pass.



Hop in the closest Tuk Tuk and get ready to explore the sensory overload of Bali. Most resorts have a buffet breakfast included, just be careful not to fill up too much and miss out on the other delicious foods Bali has to offer.

#1 Almost worthy of a visit to Bali just to sample it, Babi Guling is one of the most famous Balinese dishes. When translated to English, Babi Guling means ‘suckling pig’. It is essentially a whole pig stuffed with spices, roasted over a fire and cooked to perfection, and (don’t tell your grandma this because her Christmas Pork is 11/10) it is honestly the best pork you will ever taste. Aim for a place that will cook the pig in front of you to guarantee freshness. The best bit? A dish with rice can start from as little as $2AUD.

#2 Mie Goreng. No, not the packet mix you throw together at 3am after a big night on the town – but rather the delicious dish the packet was based off. This fried noodle wonder comes super cheap, also starting at $2AUD, and is filled with veggies, pickles, meat and topped with a fried egg. Be sure to try the Nasi Goreng as well, which is essentially the same dish on a rice base.

Who are we kidding though, go ham on the buffet and then pop out for some local wonders in the afternoon – you’re on holiday. Make sure you have plenty of Indonesian Rupiah on hand when you do head out though, as you will generally get a better price for cash and some street vendors won’t accept card.



Whilst they may be known for their tea and scones (and for good reason, the tea is delicious), London has a seriously cool food scene. With new restaurants, bars and eateries popping up weekly, it is almost impossible to keep track of everything you can eat! Despite this, we can’t deny the basics…

#1 You can’t go past a classic pub meal in London. The floor is probably sticky and there may be will be a faint aroma of stale beer in the air, but it all adds to the atmosphere of a cosy English pub. The menus are pretty standard, with your usual burgers, pies, steaks and fries on offer. If we’re honest though, you’re not going here for the food (even if it is delicious), you’re there to live like a local. A pub meal will set you back anywhere between 15 and 35 pounds depending on what you order – but you can’t put a price on atmosphere, right?

#2 Mum said eat your greens, so why not have fish and chips with mushy pees? This English classic is hard to beat, especially when you can get it as cheap as 5pounds (and hey, If you don’t like the pees just scrape them off, we won’t tell your mum).

#3 Indian food from Brick Lane in London is some of the best in the country. Whether you’re craving some butter chicken, have a hankering for a dahl or just really want a naan, Brick Lane will supply the goods. Take your pick from any of the restaurants, with prices ranging from 10 – 20 pounds depending on how big your appetite is.

London is pretty similar to Australia when it comes to the use of cash and card. We recommend using the tube to save a bit of coin getting from place to place, which is super easy considering your Travel Money Oz Currency Pass doubles as your Oyster card/ ticket! 



Ahh, Paris, the city of love and delicious pastries. This stunning city will steal your heart and your stomach with the following delicacies.

#1 SO. MUCH. DELICIOUS. PASTRY. Need we say more? With freshly baked croissants selling for as little as 2euros, its 100% acceptable to be having three a day.

#2 Literally just bread and cheese. Can you tell we like carbs? The quality, and range, of both bread and cheese in Paris will have you taste testing for hours. We recommend grabbing a few different types (depending on the type, cheese can range for a few euros to a few hundred) and having a picnic under the Eiffel tower. Watch your Instagram DMs though, a picture like this will be irresistible to that year 10 flame.

#3 Ribbet – you can’t forget the classic frogs legs and snails when in Paris! Chanel your inner Julia Roberts, don your finest attire and treat yourself to a night out tasting France’s classic dishes. Whilst they are a bit more expensive, ranging from 30 – 60 euros, a trip to Paris is not complete without tasting these.

Costs in Paris can quickly add up, so be sure to take plenty of cash and have some euros on your travel money card too.

Feeling hungry yet? We definitely are.

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