Golden sunset on the beach in Sri Lanka


Why you need to add Sri Lanka to your bucket list ASAP

Published May 17th, 2018

When it comes to travel, Student Flights consultant Zoe Reinitz has been there & done that. From Student Flights North Lakes store, she has 31 countries under her belt, and is always looking for her next adventure. Zoe gives us some insider tips from her first trip to Sri Lanka; visiting Kandy, Mirissa, Lion Rock and heaps more with Intrepid Travel & Geckos Adventures…

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What was the most exciting activity on your trip and why?

We spent the afternoon climbing to the top of Sigiriya; Lion Rock. It’s in the shape of a lion, hence the name!  At 200 meters high and 1110 steps to the top - it’s the best feeling to look down at what you have accomplished and bask in the amazing view at the top. As you are walking up it there are giant paws on the entrance to the steps resembling a lion.


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What was the most relaxing activity on your trip and why?

We stopped at a fisherman's village one day where they cooked us a delicious, fresh seafood lunch. Nearby was Mirissa a beautiful seaside beach village that you could spend days at relaxing amongst the palm trees and coconuts soaking up the sun. My favourite place in Sri Lanka was also close by, a beautiful little town called Galle where you can wander through amazing shops. I will definitely be back there someday!


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What was the one thing that made your jaw drop, made you stop and think or was particularly surprising on this trip?

It’s too hard to pick one thing to answer this question. Sri Lanka made my jaw drop! All the amazing curries I got to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The people are some of the friendliest you can find whilst travelling. This trip would not have been the same without our amazing Intrepid guide, and we got to meet his wife and son half way through the trip in his local village which was lovely. We visited a tea plantation where they produce tea for Dilmah, OMG I have never had such fresh, delicious tea before!


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Tell us your favourite story from this travel experience?

One day driving to our next town we saw some wild elephants about 200 metres away from the road. We slowed down to look at them and take pictures, these wild elephants were just wandering around Sri Lanka! We found out there are over 5000 wild elephants in Sri Lanka, they do a census every August to see how many there are. It’s so amazing to see these beautiful creatures out in the wild, roaming free. If you’re lucky enough, your bus may have to stop because elephants cross the road in Sri Lanka whenever they feel like it!

What advice would you give to someone who was planning the same trip?

Make sure you visit Kandy and spend a few nights! There are so many markets and you could spend hours wandering the streets, we also went to a cultural show and got to see traditional dancing. They even did a fire show at the end where they were walking on the hot stones and fire! Also, try Lion beer- this is the local beer you can find in every town. I like to think it is named after Lion Rock!


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How did you arrive at SF and how long have you been with us?

About 7 years ago I packed my car up and decided to drive around Australia to explore my own country. I travelled for about a year and then went to Europe for 3 months to tick off 4 festivals (including Tomorrowland). After I got back to Australia I moved to Sydney and found myself working in the travel industry. I heard about Student Flights and knew it was where I wanted to be! 4 years on and every day I get to be part of a team making amazing memories for my customers all over the world.

What do you think are some of the biggest benefits of booking with SF?

One amazing thing is that the team at Student Flights have done what you want to do! We can give you first hand advice on all those new destinations you're wanting to go to...whether you're thinking of backpacking through South East Asia, doing a tour across the USA or traveling around Europe while dancing at every single festival along the way. I love being able to share my experiences of what I've done and what I would have changed to help make people’s trips better.




Zoe Reinitz

Zoe Reinitz has worked in the travel industry for over 7 years. Her favourite holiday destinations include Greece, Vietnam and the Philippines. She's always looking for her next travel adventure around the world!