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7 Epic European Cities to Party in

Published September 13th, 2018

Festivals aside. The vibes run hot 365 days a year at Europe’s top party spots. From mega beach parties to converted warehouse raves and sophisticated bars tucked down alleyways, if you want it, Europe’s got it.


Don’t bother asking what time the club will shut in Berlin. If you’re still there, it’s still open. Even if that’s 36 techno-filled hours later. What makes partying in Berlin so epic is the venues. From intimate little bars to cool abandoned buildings and huge old factories by the river, nowhere else does nights out the way Berlin does it. It can be intense, but it doesn’t have to be. The hardest part? TBH. Getting in. Just do a little research on where you’re going (that might dictate what ‘look’ to go for to get past security at the door).

Ios, Greece 

Two words: nightlife + beach. Spend your nights on the dance floor and your days relaxing by the sea shore in Ios – by far the Greek Islands’ most famous party stop (closely followed by Mykonos, of course). The best part? It’s so easy to party here. Wake up. Shuffle to beach chair. Order cocktail. Repeat. And see where the afternoon-turns-into-night takes you. Now that sounds like bliss.


Much like its delicious tapas, Barcelona’s nightlife dishes up variety, style and a few (nice) surprises. It’s eclectic, to say the least. And like the dining scene, the party scene starts late – in true Spanish style. The upside of that? Sunrise. And in the dark hours of the morning, you’ll love stumbling between sophisticated clubs and funky bars in the little backstreets, in the fashionable Gothic Quarter, along the main drags, and, oh, by the seaside too. From alternative Indie to top-name DJs, everyone’s tastes are catered to in Barcelona.

Krakow, Poland

Krakow is famous for its partying ways, but only those who venture east truly get to understand it. Where’s the party at? In the historic centre. Literally within the Old Town walls, and that’s what makes it so epic. Imagine bar-hopping along cobbled stone streets, with a castle rising in the distance. That’s Krakow. And bar crawls are easy to find, any and every night of the week.


Oh London. It’s the classic choice, and a must-party spot on the map to experience at least once in every Aussie’s life. The supply of late-night options is really quite endless. You can stick to what you know – mainstream clubs and DJs, pub crawls and live music gigs – or spice up your night with a salsa club, 80s gig, upscale cocktail lounge, some emerging local talent or a full-blown rave. London is where the world converges to have a good time.

Ibiza, Spain

Talking about the best places to party in Europe without mentioning Ibiza is like drinking a cocktail without liquor. Any legit party-goer just wouldn’t dare. Ibiza is THE clubbing Mecca – long famous for its Balearic beats, poolside dos and epic raves. And yes, it lives up to the reputation. Super clubs, beach clubs, all the clubs. This Spanish island basking in sweet Mediterranean rays is where it’s at.


There are a lot of perks to a night out in Amsterdam. 1. It’s pretty hard NOT to get in. It’s pretty casual, but you do need to look decent and tidy. 2. It has variety. From dance festivals to modern bars, DJ-pumping clubs, traditional Dutch pubs, character-filled squares and coffee shops. 3. You can often walk. (Plus it’s fun to navigate all the winding canals and gorgeous bridges.) 4. It’s safe. 5. You won’t be short on peeps to party with. Travellers always love a good night out in Amsterdam.


Tijana Jaksic

After some hardcore scrimping and saving, Tijana’s first backpacking trip confirmed she was onto something good. She hasn’t stopped since. Fave memories to date include dancing with locals in the streets of Havana, bartering for too many scarves in the markets of India, getting lost in the bustle of Hong Kong, sipping cocktails in the Greek Islands and jumping off waterfalls in Croatia. Now she gets to write about travel for a living – the best way to satiate the wanderlust between adventures.