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Pronto, Italia

Published September 28th, 2018

European summer may be winding down, but that just means it’s time to start planning Euro summer 2019. At the top of the list? Italy – for the eats, the sights, and all the famous icons to tick off. So we’ve done the hard work, checked it out and can happily say it’s next level bellissimo.

Here’s a peek at the Topdeck Pronto, Italia trip highlights that make these stops a must-do for a 2019 European summer you’ll never forget. 

Get cultured in Florence

Michelangelo. Leonardo da Vinci. Brunelleschi. There are soooooo many famous artists, sculptors, architects and just generally epic cultural heroes of the Italian Renaissance and other famous eras waiting for you in Florence. Inside art galleries, out in the streets and on the bridges (don’t miss the amaze Ponte Vecchio). It’s impossible to NOT get cultured here, even if you tried.

Wander the walled town of Lucca

Walk, ride or skate (yes, skate!) the historic Renaissance walls that circle the historic city centre of Lucca. Why? The panoramas that put you front row (including the gorg Apuan Alps). It’s by far the best way to check out Lucca’s palaces, churches and monuments without having to actually go to them all.

Pose with the Leaning Tower of Pisa

No trip to Italy is complete without an Insta pic with the #leaningtowerofpisa. Angle it so you’re kissing it, pushing it, a giant in comparison or tiny beside it. However you do it, this is a shot you want on your photo roll for years to come. And yes, you can just stand and smile too.

Slay the trails of the Cinque Terre

With its colourful villages, azure blue waters, steep terraces and harbours dotted with fishing boats, the Cinque Terre is dreamy as. And while sunbaking the days away equals total bliss, the only way to see all five villages in a day is to hit the seaside trail connecting them. Expect brilliant views every step of the way. Every. Single. Step.

Cruise around Italy’s largest lake

Lake Garda is the queen of Italy’s lakes. It’s a gorgeous blue-green, lined by character-filled villages and towns and steep mountainous terrain. Yes, the view is Insta-worthy from any angle, but you’ve got to get some wind in your hair to fully appreciate it. So you’ll def want to sit back, relax and cruise Lake Garda.

Re-enact Romeo and Juliet in Verona

Shakespeare was boring back in high school. But once you’re standing IN Italy, in front of THE balcony where Romeo promised Juliet eternal love, suddenly it all becomes pretty fascinating. Dating back to the 13th century, that’s an epic feat in itself.

Go for gondola ride in Venice

Not exactly original. But 100% essential. A gondola ride in Venice is one of those iconic things that you just have to do. If you can do it at sunset (or with champagne) even better. The trick? Get your crew and fit as many on one ride as you can, and split the price. And be prepared to haggle.

Eat wild boar in Orvieto

Wild boar panini anyone? In hilltop Orvieto, boar is the meat of choice. Don’t like bread? Go for the wild boar ragu or a braised wild boar cooked in red wine with freshly picked juniper berries. From the simple to the gourmet, Orvieto is the place to try it!

Explore the famous history in Rome

Rome really wasn’t built in a day. And you’ll see exactly why once you arrive. The Colosseum. The Pantheon. The Roman Forum. St Peter’s Basilica. The list goes on… Famous old sites and even older pieces of ancient history. Some in ruins and some impeccably preserved. Rome is full of #wow moments you’ll want to do up close.



Tijana Jaksic

After some hardcore scrimping and saving, Tijana’s first backpacking trip confirmed she was onto something good. She hasn’t stopped since. Fave memories to date include dancing with locals in the streets of Havana, bartering for too many scarves in the markets of India, getting lost in the bustle of Hong Kong, sipping cocktails in the Greek Islands and jumping off waterfalls in Croatia. Now she gets to write about travel for a living – the best way to satiate the wanderlust between adventures.