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How to choose what European festival is for you?

Published October 19th, 2018

When summer comes to Europe, you don’t waste a second soaking up the sun and celebrating into the night with a bounty of larger-than-life festivals. With so much fun on offer, it’s hard to know just which part of the continent to don your party hat—or your lederhosen, or grab your inflatable pool floaty for. 

To help you find your Europe Festival Spirit animal, you first need to know your festival vibe…

Which of the below statements sums you up best?

a) Unless you’re VIP you aren’t going.
b) Your idea of a perfect holiday is sailing, drinking beer from large glasses and dressing up in theme
c) You know all the words to every Ed Sheeran song, and the words ‘love’ and ‘freedom’ would feature pretty heavily on the mood board of your life
d) You prefer to be on dry ground, ideally somewhere with beautiful green spaces to explore and hearty food to eat, and beer, so much beer
e) You have a shirt that says ‘eat, sleep, dance, repeat’. For holidays, you choose the city over the nature everytime
f) You’re a Game of Thrones fan who loves touring old cities, drinking wine and new adventures
g) You love long days in the sun and always take the scenic route - it’s all part of the journey

Based on the vibe you chose above, we’d reckon the following European festival adventure could be just the one for you..

a) Entourage Croatia Tour, 15 days

You like the finer things in life—like one day, you will have that monogrammed Louis Vuitton luggage set. But until that day you’re still going to travel in style and seek out the best experiences on offer. Enter Entourage, your music festival concierge. They might not be the cheapest option out there, but they’ve got the perks. The Croatia tour includes VIP entry to music festivals, pool parties and club nights.

b) Topdeck Sail to the Steins, 17 Days

You love the idea of hitting the high seas, so long you get to trade out your swimmers for lederhosen at the end of the journey? Naturally. Go from sea legs to beer goggles as you explore all that Croatia’s crystal clear Adriatic Sea has to offer then make your way by bus to Munich for the ultimate shindig at Oktoberfest.

c) Contiki Sziget Festival, 10 Days

Guess who’s playing at Sziget Festival 2019? You guessed it, Ed Sheeran.
Contiki’s Sziget Festival tour takes you from Berlin to Budapest via Prague and Vienna so you have the freedom to explore iconic parts of Europe then go out with a bang, partying it up at Sziget for three days.

d) Busabout Oktoberfest, 4 days or Contiki Oktoberfest, 5 days

Not one for sailing, beach parties and living in your swimsuit 24/7? That’s okay. There’s so many ways to enjoy Europe’s festival spirit. Munich is a stunning city filled with green spaces to explore, it also happens to be the home of Oktoberfest—and let’s be honest—you’re here for the beer and the babes. Prost!

e) Busabout Lollapalooza Festival, 4 Days

Berlin in the summer, das ist gut? Lollapalooza makes it noch besser. Tour Berlin by day then party by night. If ever there was a European city that comes to life in the summer, Berlin really turns it on. Culture, great food, pumping music—you’ll never want to sleep.

f) Busabout Ultra Sail Croatia 2019, 10 Days, Dubrovnik to Split

Your chance to live on the water, docking in and out of historic stone walled cities and enjoying the good life. Setting sail from Dubrovnik, famous for many reasons including appearing in Game of Thrones. Drink wine from ancient grapevines and explore the coast. Then, the finale: 3 days at the epic Ultra Music Festival.

g) Topdeck Sail to Sziget, 16 Days

For the well-rounded traveller, you’ve got time to take it all in and see ALL THE THINGS. Sail Croatia for 7 nights covering World Heritage sites and the sunniest spots of Europe. Then head onward to don your festival boots in Budapest at Sziget, one of Europe’s most loved music events.

Rachel Surgeoner

A self-confessed 'food-tourist', I take hunting for the world's greatest sandwich very seriously, my quest has taken me from Berlin to Hoboken. Stopping off only for vintage shopping, craft beers and Mediterranean sunsets.