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Iconic Instagram spots in North America you don’t want to miss!

Published February 26th, 2019

A trip to the USA and Canada is what dreams are made of. It’s bucket list moments left, right and centre. It’s more things to do, see and eat than even possible. It’s doing in the flesh all those things you’ve always dreamed about. So you defs want to capture every highlight - including these iconic Instagrammable places across North America.

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Wynwood Walls, Miami, USA



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Forget about Miami’s beautiful beaches, resorts and skater sidewalks. The playful and colourful open air graffiti of Wynwood Walls is some of the best street art in the USA, making it one of the most aesthetic places for a selfie - and the perfect backdrop to make your Insta feed pop. 

Niagara Falls, USA



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No trip to the USA or Canada (depending which side of the falls you visit) is complete without a trip to Niagara Falls. Famous many times over, it’s not till you’re standing there, mist spraying into your face, hair all wet and tangled, that you realise just how epic it is. 

Yellowstone National Park, Montana, USA



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Ok so you might need a drone for the money shot from up top. But even at ground level, Yellowstone National Park is legit magical. Why? Because rugged wilderness, epic peaks, wildlife and the world’s largest concentration of geothermal features: think spurting geysers, bubbling mud pots, hot springs and steam vents. If that doesn’t make this an Instagram worthy location, than nothing does!

Banff National Park, Banff, Canada



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Snow capped peaks, turquoise lakes and forest hikes sound picture perfect to you? Banff National Park is exactly what adventures are made of. It’s also one of Canada’s best Instagram spots...pull up a seat by the lake, peer out and strike a pose.

Capilano Suspension Bridge, Vancouver, Canada



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While Vancouver is a beautiful city, truth is, half its appeal is in its natural surrounds. Enter: Capilano Suspension Bridge. It’s practically synonymous with the city. One shot of that and everyone knows exactly where you’re at. Then be sure to wander and soak it up baby!

Distillery District, Toronto, Canada



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Where’s the place to go in Toronto for arts, culture and max entertainment? The Distillery District. Here, Victorian-era architecture and cobbled streets meet meet fashionable bars, art, performance spaces and outdoor markets. It’s run by creatives, so you just know it’s always going to be (and look!) good.

Bryce Canyon National Park, Nevada, USA



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Sure, the Grand Canyon is the famous go-to. So why not pop over to Bryce Canyon for equally wow-worthy shots sure to blow the socks off your followers. It’s all otherworldly rock formations and natural amphitheaters carved into soaring rocky plateaus. Plus, there are four know - to get the perfect angle.

Yukon, Canada



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Keen for some Northern Lights action? Get it right here in Canada, at Yukon. Make snowmen, jump in hot springs, go dog-sledding all day. Then, wait up to catch the lights dancing on the darkened sky. Two words: freaking amazing! It’s sure to make you Insta-famous.

Hollywood sign, Los Angeles, USA



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It goes without saying, this is THE most Instagrammable place in LA. Because if you haven’t got a shot with the Hollywood sign, did you even go?


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