Hipster streets in Europe


6 of the best hipster neighbourhoods in Europe

Published March 25th, 2019

Like to head straight for the alternative side of town when you arrive in a new city? Well don’t miss these hipster neighbourhood hangouts on your next Europe vacay!

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Le Marais - Paris

One of Paris’s oldest neighbourhoods and one of its coolest, Le Marais promises an authentic Parisian experience. Unpretentiously charming, it’s been known to push the envelope and define exactly what’s on trend, and when. Expect trendy boutiques, colourful galleries, gorgeous jewellery shops and yes, traditional bakeries too. Dotted with hidden courtyards amongst its narrow lanes, the medieval architecture will wrap its arms around you - those cosy village feels are inescapable. Then, at night, turn to the lively beats, bars and cocktails for comfort - or else a glass of sophisticated wine, canal-side.

Kreuzberg - Berlin

Kreuzberg has been labelled the coolest neighbourhood in all of Europe. Big call? Yes. Justified? Hundred percent. Kreuzberg is to Berlin what Williamsburg is to New York - but better. It’s the original alternative paradise, but in true authentic style it’s ever-evolving just like its street art so it keep you on your toes. But you can always trust you’ll find lots of delish, multicultural food, boutique shops overflowing with colourful finds, eclectic bars en masse and some epic techno joints too. Day and night, it’s the happening place to be (sans any try-hard antics). You just can’t help but fall in love with Berlin’s bohemian, spirited heart.

Malasana - Madrid

Want to feel the culture before you see it? Malasana is the word. Nestled up nice and tight beside the stylish and LGBTQ-friendly Chueca neighbourgood, Malasana poses a treasure trove of top vintage shopping, trendy cafes, cool boutiques run by young local designers and super chill bars. Once the heart of the historical Movida Madrilena movement - which was all about freedom of expression and other pretty forward-thinking ideas for the time - the vibes still run deep, it’s got that artsy edge to it and you can even spot graffiti dating back to the movement still to this day in winding alleyways. What also makes it rate though is that, once it gets darks, it’s prob the least pretentious spot in the city to let loose and party.

Soho - London

Historic Soho has all the hipster credentials you’ll ever want and need. London’s longtime go-to for vibrant nightlife, all-welcoming atmosphere and diverse cultural existence, here you can find entertainment in every size, shape and colour. Burlesque shows, cabaret and drag, plus comedy, theatre and music from jazz to trance…Soho has it all, including some super iconic venues you’ll want to name-drop later. But while you’re there, don’t forget to try the daring culinary dishes around the neighbourhood’s character-laden corners before a big night in the epic lineup of Soho clubs.

Södermalm - Stockholm

Also known as Sofo, Sodermalm is the cutting-edge capital of cool in what is already an impeccably stylish and hip city. Here, being hip is as natural as can be: the vibe is relaxed and creative, with a bit of a skew towards wellness - obvious thanks to the neat gyms, beauty salons and delish vegetarian cafes. Wander and soak up the vibe. The minimalist design features will catch your eye, as will the vintage shops no doubt - full of unique treasures. Sofo is also home to one of Europe’s most reputable art bookstores, and great cycling tracks. Come night time, and it’s a lively scene where the cocktails will go down all too easy. You won’t want to miss out.

Norrebro - Copenhagen

Being perched away from the old centre of Copenhagen made Norrebro a community where all sorts came together and flourished in times past. Now, it’s just another part of the patchwork of Denmark’s now much bigger capital - but yet still, it hasn’t lost its charm. Norrebro’s eclecticism and youthful vibes make it the city’s hippest corner. It’s multi-cultural, fosters stacks of creative talent and is uber bike-friendly too, so you can even pedal from thrift shop to hip cafe, indie boutique to ponder-worthy art gallery. There’s so much rich culture to soak up. The best spot to start? The plant-dotted public square at the neighborhood's centre.


Tijana Jaksic

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