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Epic spots to soak up the summer by the water in Europe

Published April 12th, 2019

Off to Europe this summer? When the temps get sizzling, the water is the only place you need to be. Beaches, beach clubs, lakes and lagoons… Europe is full of them. So here’s a list of all the best waterside gems in Europe to hit up.

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Krka National Park, Croatia

A maze of tumbling waterfalls cascading into one another, criss-crossed by a maze of jungle-clad paths, wooden boardwalks and arched bridges. Krka National Park is an absolute forest haven. It’s quite like the stunning Plitvice Lakes National Park, just lesser known. It offers the perfect respite from the endless string of Croatia beaches (not that we’re complaining).

Ocean Beach Ibiza, Spain

Eat. Drink. Dance. Chill. Repeat. That the whole point of going to Ibiza and the famous Ibiza beaches. That and the epic pool parties, which are everywhere. Our pick? Ocean Beach Ibiza - it’s the pool party where everyone’s a VIP. Think Balearic beats all day long, a sunset terrace with Jacuzzis, day beds en masse and a pool that really is the center of the party. Colourful inflatable party accessories welcome.

Red Beach, Greece

Red Beach is an unforgettable slice of island life in Santorini, Greece. Red pebbles beneath your feet, red cliffs behind you and those same pure blue waters make it an intensely beautiful sight. Just think - how many beaches in the world are red? Unroll your towel. And soak. It. Up. Get there by taking the short trail or do it in style, and arrive by boat!

Lake Bled, Slovenia

Head inland for a whimsical water paradise that’s still and scenic. Lake Bled is one of the most beautiful lakes in Europe, nestled among the lush mountain scenery of Slovenia. Swim and paddle (or be paddled!) around the beautiful bluish-green waters, hike and bike its edges, or chill out with a book by the shore. That clanging of church bells and the views of medieval Bled Castle never gets old.

Saturnia, Italy

Heading to Florence, or Rome, or both? Skip off the beaten track a little sideways to Saturnia. Here, it’s all about the thermal baths. Hailing back to the time of ancient Rome, the pool itself is dedicated to the Roman God Saturn. Who needs a history lesson when you can sit back and soak it up IRL?

Blue Lagoon, Iceland

This man-made piece of paradise really is as good as it looks on your friends’ Insta feed. Bright, bright blue and blissful. Thanks to the volcanic zone it’s in - it’s literally in a black lava field - it’s nice and warm too. Usually 39 degrees to be exact. And while that may not sound ideal in ‘summer’, remember: this is Iceland. Summer temps usually hit tops of 15 degrees. Don’t miss out while in Reykjavik.

Croatia sailing

It’s one of THE top places to visit in Europe in summer, just to cruise those beautiful blues. Croatia sailing is an unforgettable experience everyone has to do once. Set sail and be island-hopping from one to the next, between pulling in to ancient forts and gleaming cities to check out the historic sights, cool clubs and exotic shores. Want to know more? Find out everything you ever wanted to know about Croatia sailing from a Student Flights consultant who’s been there, done that. He’s got the tips.


Tijana Jaksic

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