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10 must-visit adventure destinations around the world

Published May 10th, 2019

To really experience your 20s, you need to get on board with a certain amount of adventure seeking. Holidays ought to be punctuated with various adrenaline inducing thrills, before you get older, wiser and more acutely aware of your mortality. Jks, we know you’ll be “forever young” and “only as old as you feel!” Yew!

Without further ado, in no particular order, here are some of the more adventure-seeking places you go and things to see and do!

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1. Rafting down the river Trisuli in Nepal

Nepal is full of adventure—from high altitude treks to vibrant local culture, there’s so much to explore and experience. When it comes to thrills per minute, rafting in Nepal is where it’s at. Never white water rafted before? No worries, this adventure is suitable for first-timers, but still offers all the adrenaline you could ask for.

2.  Hike the Inca Trail in Peru

Name a more iconic adventure trek, we’ll wait. Okay, sure, maybe Everest. But that’s some serious #bucketlist goals right there. Start of with something equally breathtaking—retracing the steps of the ancient Incas along one of the most unique landscapes on earth! Take a guided tour and join a team of epic hike enthusiasts as you embark on this incredible journey together and share lifelong memories.

3. Skydiving above Palm Jumeirah in Dubai

Heading on a big overseas adventure and find yourself with a stopover in Dubai? Make it worth your while by really seeing Dubai from the sky—experiencing the thrill of freefall at over 120 miles per hour. You’ll go tandem with an experienced instructor (so you don’t kill yourself), and you can chill (read: scream your lungs out) as you float down over one of the coolest man-made archipelagos in the world.

4. Limestone cave exploring in Laos

Vang Vieng is where it’s at for some of the best eco-adventure in Asia. Here in this unique part of Laos there are hundreds of caves to explore with hidden lagoons ripe for snorkeling and swimming in. Kayak along the Song River or simply grab an inflatable tube and a cold beer and float the day away!

5. Victoria Falls Bungee Jump in Zimbabwe

Seeing Victoria Falls is epic in it’s own right—bungee jumping off the Victoria Falls Bridge is next level. Leap 111m off the bridge with the gushing Zambezi river below. You came to Africa for adventure, right? This is surely an adventure to write home about—actually, maybe don’t tell your parents about this one!

6. Scuba Diving in Palawan

It’s widely agreed that Palawan is the most beautiful island in the Philippines—you don’t get named ‘world’s best island’ three years in a row for being anything less than spectacular. If diving is your game, you’ll want to head to Coron Bay, with steep black-limestone cliffs and white sand beaches above sea level and several WWII Japanese shipwrecks below—it’s a scuba diving wet dream.

7. Stay overnight in a desert camp in Morocco

Okay so it’s not jumping out of plane, but camping in the desert is an adventure unto its own. The vast terrain feels like nowhere else on earth. What’s more adventurous than feeling like Lawrence of Arabia as you saunder into the desert on a camel? Arrive to a mirage-looking oasis camp and enjoy amazing traditional food and drinks under the starry night sky.

8. Felucca Sailing on the Nile

Felucca what now? Say hello to your very own traditional Egyptian sailing boat, taking you and your travel posse cruising down the River Nile. As if seeing the Pyramids of Giza  and posing with the Sphinx wasn’t enough of a thrill for any ancient history junkie.

9. Drift high over Jaipur in a hot air balloon

India truly is an adventure for the soul, the senses and those seeking ultimate wanderlust feels. Surely you’ll want to witness mesmerising places including the Taj Mahal and see the Ganges River from Varanasi, but don’t miss the chance to drift over the stunning ‘Pink City’ of Jaipur, getting a bird’ eye view of the city’s amazing palaces and ancient forts.

10. Zipline through the jungle in Mexico

Mexico is just as much about adventure as it is tacos and tequila (though the latter can cause much excitement!) Climb Mayan Ruins, swim in underground cenotes, get up close with whale sharks—you get the picture. But what’s super adventurous is exploring the jungle too. Take Mexico’s longest zipline ride through the tropical jungle in the super fun beachside town of Puerto Vallarta.

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