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7 ways a bus tour is better than independent travel

Published June 12th, 2019

Don’t know if you should go solo or jump on a tour? It’s the dilemma every traveller has pondered many times over. Sure, both have their pros and cons, but here are 7 ways a bus tour is better than independent travel.

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The automatic crew

It’s always the people you meet that make travel so epic. And a tour guarantees you’ll be surrounded by like-minded peeps who are looking for a good time. They could be your bestie for the trip or turn into a life-long mate you love so much you’ll wind up inviting them to your wedding one day. No joke. Having a crew makes your trip 10-times better.

You’ll be bonding over adventures, jokes and all-nighters in no time.

It’s so easy

Going on tour is SO easy. All you’ve got to do is get to the starting point, step on the bus and go with the flow. Your accommodation is sorted. Certain meals are catered to. Transport done. And a guide will just magically appear to lead the way. All of that done for you. And the rest is history.


You can save money

There are lots of practical advantages of having a large crew with you wherever you go. Think group discounts on activities. Group dinners. Splitting bulk grog supplies. And then you can always share rooms to make it cheaper, split taxis and get the best hard-talker in the group to barter down prices for you.

Better yet, book the tour while it’s on sale and you could save hundreds straight up - ie. more souvenirs/dranks for later.

You’ll feel safer and more chill

Roaming the planet means you’ve got to have some street smarts about you. First time abroad? Or just plain got none? Sticking to a group makes it way easier to find your groove and learn the ropes as you go, with safety in numbers. You can relax and chill out more knowing everyone’s got each other’s backs.


You’ll discover places you didn’t know existed

There’s bound to be one or two stops on the itinerary you either A) have never heard of or B) aren’t even that interested in checking out. That is, until you get there. Because it’s always the least expected spots that turn out to be the biggest adventures and random moments. The kind that make for the best stories to brag about back home. It’s true. Just ask any veteran traveller...

Otherwise, someone in the group is bound to drag you into some kind of scenario or epic club you would never have gone to yourself.

You’ll have more than just selfies to post

Want an Insta pic of the Berlin Wall with more than just your face in it? A yoga pose on the beach in Portugal? Or that iconic shot of you pushing over the Leaning Tower of Pisa? You’ll want someone (a-hem trustworthy) nearby at all times to snap such epic pics. Being in a group is SO handy for that.

Plus you’ll have plenty of friends to join in for the photo.

And then when the trip ends, you can all swap photos, tag each other and look back and reminisce on the good times for years to come.


You know exactly how much cash you’ll need upfront

This one’s super helpful.

On a budget? Been Googling how much you’ll need for <insert city> per day? It’s practically impossible to really know how much you’ll need to cover the bases until you get there.

But on a tour, you pay for the big items up front, and then all you need is spending money (and most tours even suggest how much you’ll need). It makes the whole budgeting thing so much more manageable and stress-free.


Tijana Jaksic

After some hardcore scrimping and saving, Tijana’s first backpacking trip confirmed she was onto something good. She hasn’t stopped since. Fave memories to date include dancing with locals in the streets of Havana, bartering for too many scarves in the markets of India, getting lost in the bustle of Hong Kong, sipping cocktails in the Greek Islands and jumping off waterfalls in Croatia. Now she gets to write about travel for a living – the best way to satiate the wanderlust between adventures.